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AutoCAD Material List (BOM)


Watch the MLPRO-XL video featuring an exported Items List from QuickBooks!

Learn how to create part bubbles and material lists from QuickBooks Items!

Download the demo and create material lists with one click!AutoCAD material list

Material List Pro automates the material list process, from creating attribute block part bubbles, to attribute data extraction, to drawing material lists and creating reports. With one click, MLP creates matching drawing and Excel material lists.

By controlling Excel worksheets and AutoCAD drawings  Material List Pro uses attribute blocks and data extraction to make your data flow smoothly between these applications, resulting in a stable, highly-automated design and procurement process than increases the consistency and accuracy of your drawings.

Material List Pro saves time and enhances accuracy as you create attribute block part bubbles, drawing material lists, Excel material lists by drawing and layout, and Excel material reports.  If pricing information is available, the Excel reports can calculate total price.

Departments using Material List Pro share an Excel worksheet resulting in consistent material descriptions.  The use of attribute blocks and data extraction means that important design data stays in the drawing where it belongs.

Material List Pro is designed primarily for companies that build "Engineered to Order" or ETO products. If each item that leaves your facility has a unique combination of materials and drawings, then AutoCAD attribute blocks and the AutoCAD data extraction process automated by Material List Pro save time and money during the design phase of each project.

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Material List Pro creates part bubbles using AutoCAD block attributes containing values from an Excel worksheet or SQL database.  A typical part bubble includes attribute constants such as part number and description.  Variable attributes, such as item number and quantity are also included.  Part bubbles are created automatically and dynamically based upon user-defined settings.


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Material List Pro extracts data from AutoCAD attribute block part bubbles using a customized AutoCAD data extraction template. The extracted data is processed and used for material lists in the drawing and a matching Excel workbook. This process is executed with a single click.

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autocad data extraction

Embedding AutoCAD attribute block part bubbles in blocks from a part library carries the automation process one step further.  The AutoCAD block from the part library is listed in the part database.  Inserting an AutoCAD block takes only three clicks.  Using a part library with embedded AutoCAD attribute block part bubbles combines two steps of the drafting process into one and ensures consistency. video


New Features!

Create part bubbles from QuickBooks items!

Corner Markers Associate Part Bubbles In Model Space With a Layout

Material from part bubbles within the range of the corner markers will only appear in the material lists of the layouts associated with the corner markers.  This feature makes it very easy to have multiple layouts with a material list on each layout.  Item numbers within the model are updated automatically based upon which layout the part bubbles are associated with.

Company ID

A Company ID setting is used so that custom code can be written for your specific application.  This is useful for such things as calculating total weights or other values when editing quantities in part bubbles.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Global and Local Configuration Files

The program now supports the use of global and local configuration files. Local configuration files are local to a drawing directory and can be used to override the settings of the global configuration file.  This allows program settings to be different from drawing directory to drawing directory as required.

 Search fields are now ComboBoxes with user defined drop down lists.

AutoCAD Attribute Commands

Material List Pro automates the use of many AutoCAD attribute block commands including:

ATTDEF - Creates an attribute definition for storing data in a block.

ATTEXT - Extracts attribute data, informational text associated with a block, into a file.

ATTREDEF - Redefines an attribute block and updates associated attributes.

ATTSYNC - Applies attribute changes in a block definition to all block references.

EATTEXT - Exports block attribute information to a table or to an external file.

MLP handles the details of executing these commands and processing the extracted data.