Material List Pro

AutoCADĀ® Attribute Block Manager

C05 AutoCAD Drawing Path

Material List Pro is VERY dependent upon the drawing path of the current drawing.  The drawing path tells MLP where to get the correct configuration file, and where to put the output data.

For this reason, it is recommended that users minimize the number of drawings that are open when using MLP and most importantly that drawings not be open from different directories.  Tasks that require these situations should be completed before using MLP.

Material List Pro will constantly monitor the path of the current drawing.  If the user switches to a drawing in a different directory, MLP will ask permission to also switch to the same directory.  The user should always switch to the new directory unless they are undertaking a short task on a drawing where no MLP functions are required.

It is important that the current directory for AutoCAD and MLP be identical for correct operation.  MLP is frequently checking to ensure that the directories match and the current project path is displayed in the MLP title bar.

Change Directory Rev02

When this icon appears on the lower tool bar, MLP is requesting permission to change its current project directory to match the AutoCAD drawing directory.  This icon should be clicked unless you are performing a short task that does not need MLP.