Material List Pro

AutoCAD® Attribute Block Manager

C03 Program Output Folders

drawing sub directories Rev01

Material List Pro generates a lot of data, so it is not practical to prompt the user for file names or locations.  MLP automatically creates directory and file names.  The files can be copied or renamed, as required, after they have been created.

All data is placed in a set of directories below the current drawing.  The directory structure is automatically created after the program requests permission to do so.

Drawing part data goes in “...\Drawings\MLPRO\DrawingData\drawingname.xls.”

Drawing data file names are drawingname.xls


acad layouts excel tabs Rev02

Excel tab names are the same as the layout names in the drawing.

Reports generated from the part data go in “...\Drawings\MLPRO\Reports\username-date-time.xls.”

The reports will have an automatically generated name including the user name and a date time stamp.

Purchase orders generated from reports go in “...\Drawings\MLPRO\PurchaseOrders\username-date-time\vendor-date-time.xls.”

Purchase orders are created as separate files for each vendor and will be placed in a new directory with an automatically generated directory name including the user name and a date time stamp.