Material List Pro

AutoCAD® Data Extraction Software


Will Material List Pro work with AutoCAD LT®?Autocad-128

No.  MLP will only work with the full version of AutoCAD.


Can I try MLP before I buy it?

Yes.  Material List Pro will run without a license, but with some restrictions.  A short term license is available free upon request.  After you have tested MLP and resolved any technical issues you can purchase a license.


How is MLP licensed?

MLP is licensed using a subscription model.  This means that subscribers are purchasing a license to use the software for one year.  After the license expires, the software will revert to demo mode unless another license is purchased.


How much does MLP cost?

The cost of MLP is $487.13 per seat per year, including sales tax.  This is about $2 per work day, which is less than many people spend on coffee.


If we do not currently have a part database, can you help us create one?

Yes.  Initial configuration and training is done with an Excel file as the part list source.  After the part list contents have stabilized, MLP can be changed to a database configuration and the data from Excel can be imported into the database.


How is training provided?

We use articles and videos on this web site, and remote access.

Can MLP be customized for my business workflow?

Yes.  MLP includes a wide variety of settings that can be customized.  If the features that you need are not currently included, please let us know what features you would like to see.  Features that do not have a broad market appeal may be implemented specifically for your company at an additional cost.