Material List Pro

AutoCAD® Attribute Block Manager


Will Material List Pro work with AutoCAD LT®?Autocad-128

No, AutoCAD LT does not provide the automation interfaces available in the full version of AutoCAD.


Can I try MLP before I buy it?

Yes! Material List Pro will run without a license for 30 days.


How is MLP licensed?

MLP is a yearly subscription. 


Are there different versions of MLP?


MLPRO-XL uses an Excel file for the part list.  All editing of the part list is done using Microsoft Excel.

An Excel file exported from the QuickBooks Item List can be used by MLPRO-XL without modification.

MLPRO-SQL is designed for medium sized or large companies that require an SQL database for the part list.


Can MLP work with older versions of AutoCAD?

Yes! There are different versions of MLPRO-XL and MLPRO-SQL required for different AutoCAD versions.

Currently MLP is available for AutoCAD 2015 through the current version.

Please see the downloads section for details.


How much does MLP cost?

MLPRO-XL is only $0.60 per seat per day. That's, $219 per year, including sales tax.

MLPRO-SQL is $1.00 per seat per day. It's $365 per year, including sales tax.

A ten seat minimum is required to purchase MLPRO-SQL.  Additional setup fees should be expected.


Is training provided?

Absolutely! There are training articles on this web site as well as YouTube videos.

Technical support is available via email, telephone, and remote connection.


Can MLP be customized for my business workflow?

Yes!  MLP includes a wide variety of customizable settings. 

If the features you need are not currently included, please let us know! 

Features that are unique to your company's needs can be implemented for an additional customization cost.